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Toigo Orchards Rebranding

Toigo Orchards is located in Shippenburg PA. As a class project I chose to re-brand their family run business. Their orchard sells fruits and vegetables all year round.

"There are over 21,000 trees in our orchards devoted to fresh market production, primarily fresh market apples. We have about 41 acres devoted to fresh market peach production, starting in late June and running through September. Our high quality fruit is shipped as far as Northern Canada and Southern Virginia and we work hard to ensure our Customers find these fruits exceptional all season long." - Toigo Orchards

Red Toigo Promotional Poster
Toigo Store Hours
Green Toigo Promotional Poster

Promotional Flyers:  Apple picking is the most popular time of the year at many Orchards. I designed 2 promotional apple picking posters and a door sign with Toigo Orchard's hours. 

Toigo Tshirts

Promotional Branding: 

The previous Toigo Orchard's logo was outdated and extremely detailed. However the small size lost most of the detail. I chose to give Toigo Orchard a simple modern logo. The curves within the "G" are to represent the rolling hills of the orchard land.  

Package Design: 

Jam & Jelly labels along with a packaging box for shipment. 

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