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Scoby is a Moscovian duck that currently resides at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. He suffered from a severe infection within his foot, which required an amputation. Without a prosthetic duck leg or some sort of mechanism to give Scoby some mobility back he would not be able to live a fulfilling life. In January of 2017 New Mind Design was contacted and asked to create Scoby’s prosthetic leg. An anonymous donor is purchasing all the prints and materials needed for this project. This is an on-going research project, which has lead us to many prototypes. Initially, New Mind Design was contacted and asked to make Scoby a prosthetic leg. With that in mind we formed our first prototype, but quickly realized this would not be the route to go. We are more focused on giving Scoby his mobility back than focusing on a prosthetic leg. 

Scoby's Prosthetic Journey

For our first prototype we created Scoby’s foot, ankle joint, leg, knee joint, and cup. Multiple joints were created and printed to ensure a proper fit during the fitting. The cup was a two material print with a hardened outside shell, and squishy interior. We quickly discovered that our initial measurements were not accurate due to significant loss of muscle mass and swelling post surgery.  Our joints were successful, and the idea for the cup was a success. However, it was impossible to get an accurate measurement of the amputation area.  Using the foot, leg, and joints from out first prototype we created multiple different cup sizes. Approximately ten different cups were made varying in diameter and angles. 

For our second Prototype we created a skateboard for Scoby. We realized that the prosthetic leg would not be study enough for him to walk. We came up with a skateboard and decided to see if he would do better with something that he could put his whole body weight on. The skateboard also has straps as well as the first prototype so he can he safely be strapped in for more support. 

We then discovered that the skateboard was the most successful prototype that we have. The skateboard needs more support by his chest and needs to be wider for him to balance better.

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