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Things will always work themselves out. Somehow, someway, there is always a way. Currently, my design work has a modern clean feel created with close attention to geometric shapes and patterns. I find my work paralleling with free forms found in nature such as waves from the ocean, triangles within mountains, and curvilinear shapes found in plants. My favorite work is that with a sense of Zen felt by the client and designer. Contradictory to that, I like to apply complimentary colors to calming designs. 

Currently, I find myself focusing on brand identity and package design. With experience in 3D programming and rendering I find package design to come naturally. The folds of package design have an aesthetic appeal to that of movement within nature. 

I have been inspired by artists that dare to challenge societal norms such as Robert Rauschenburg and Jackson Pollock. I believe self expression to be important in our society where individuals get lost within technology. 

Many of my projects have come to me through my involvement within the community and active advocacy among animal and environmental rights. If you’re every having a rough day, remember, your dog loves you! 

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